Srinivas Katkoori

Srinivas Katkoori received his doctoral degree in computer engineering from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1998. He joined the CSE department as an Assistant Professor in Fall 1997. Prof. Katkoori is a member of CANS (Computer Architecture and Nano VLSI) research group in the department.  His research interests are in the general area of VLSI CAD Algorithms and Design Methodologies.  Specific research areas include: High level synthesis, Low power synthesis,VLSI CAD for DSM regime, and Reconfigurable Computing. Dr. Katkoori is a recipient of 2001 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award (Design Automation program) for a five-year duration on the topic "Interconnect-centric High Level Synthesis in DSM regime." Besides NSF, his research is being funded by Honeywell Inc., Clearwater (under their Academic Research Initiative program) and by the I4 High Tech Corridor Initiative Program. Currently, Prof. Katkoori's research group consists of 1 PhD student and 8 Master's students. Prof. Katkoori teaches the following courses on a regular basis: CMOS VLSI Design, Digital Circuit Synthesis, Computer System Design, and CMOS VLSI Testing.

Current Activities (Spring 2013):



  • High level synthesis - low leakage (Shilpa Pendyala)
  • Secure Hardware Design (Matt Lewandowski, Richard Meana, & Chris Bell)
  • Embedded Systems for Robotics (Daniel Ashley)
  • Minimization of Thermal Runaway Conditions (David O'Donnell)
  • Traffic Simulation on GPUs (Robert Holeton)
  • Intelligent Stop Signs (Matt Johnson)


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